Horseradish and Garlic Pickles

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Our number one best-seller and customer favorite! These pickles will bring tears to your eyes and make you say “Wow!” These have a loyal following. Go ahead…I dare ya! Or order extra-hot…I double dare ya!

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Pint, Quart Chip Cut, Quart Chip Cut Extra Hot, Quart Spear Cut, Quart Spear Cut Extra Hot

3 reviews for Horseradish and Garlic Pickles

  1. Lawrence Oralls (verified owner)

    I had a chance to try the Horseradish and Garlic Pickles that a friend had given me. They were delicious. So I ordered 4 of the quart chip cut. Not the quart chip extra hot. The ones I received are so hot I can hardly eat them. Not even close to the ones I ate before. I called and the gentleman told me that they shipped me the regular ones, that when they are fresh they are hotter and with time they will reduce in heat. Long run….if you like really hot stuff….enjoy…..but for me I wasted my money and will not be buying anymore.

    • Walen’s Horseradish Products

      I’m sure you will be able to enjoy the pickles in a couple of weeks. The enzymes are very active when it is super fresh.


  2. John Waverka (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic: hotter than you expect! Fantastic on sandwiches! Try with chilled vodka and some crackers next time you have friends over.

    • Walen’s Horseradish Products

      That’s a great idea John. I think I’ve got some vodka in the freezer.

  3. Stan McLean (verified owner)

    These are the best pickles I’ve ever had!!

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