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Commercial horseradish typically uses “field roots” or “stringers”. Bails of stringers are washed and loaded onto a conveyor to be fed into the “mashing” unit which crushes the horseradish into a fine paste that is then set in vinegar, water and salt. All imperfections are ground in with the root (and believe me, there are some serious imperfections). Only the white fleshy part of the root is activated in the grinding process so much of the commercial horseradish consist of elements of the root that do not produce heat.

Whalen’s uses only US Grade 1 “Fancy” root from Collinsville, IL - the horseradish capital of the world. We purchase in 50 lb bags, 1000 lbs at a time. The roots are trimmed, chopped and peeled by hand. Once peeled, the horseradish is put through the grinder one chunk at a time. Our medium grind gives our horseradish more texture (not a cream or a paste). The ground horseradish is then put into a barrel of brine (water, a small amount of salt and citric acid). Whalen’s never uses vinegar as even the most pure vinegar has a taste and will spoil. Whalen’s proprietary process ensures you get the freshest, hottest pure horseradish known to mankind. Our ground root goes straight from the barrel to the bottle for resale or into the blender to make our other fine products.

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Product Information:

Premium Horseradish: Whalen’s horseradish is hand-peeled to remove all imperfections, course ground and cured in citric acid (not vinegar). This gives Whalen’s its signature flavor. This course ground horseradish is then used to blend into all our other products.

BeetRelish: A double root delight!

Whalen’s Horseradish and Beets is a traditional blend of these two great tastes used as a condiment.

Horseradish Sauce: You’ve had other horseradish sauces, now try ours! Whalen’s Horseradish sauce is a mayo-based sauce that is handcrafted in small batches with a secret blend of spices and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish. Sure to become a staple in your fridge!

Horseradish Mustard:  A Whalen’s signature item! This spicy brown mustard with Whalen’s Premium Horseradish is sure to grab your attention. This mustard is listed in the Mustard Hall of Fame in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Cajun Sauce: Our signature Horseradish Sauce gets a Cajun kick! A spicy blend of mayo, tomato paste, Cajun spices, and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish gives this sauce 3 uh-hunhs down on da Bayou. .

Cranberry Relish: You will enjoy discovering many uses for this hidden gem! Whole Cape Cod cranberries, orange marmalade, and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish make this relish a hot and tangy winner.

Seafood and Burger Sauce: This spicy sauce is our take on what a cocktail sauce should be. Stand back and wait for the kick!

Hot “Dog” Stuff: This sauce has more bite than bark! Whalen’s Hot Horseradish Mustard combined with sweet pickle relish is the perfect choice for pulled pork, hot dogs, and sausages of all kinds. A must-have at your next cookout!

Horseradish and Garlic Pickles: Our number one best-seller and customer favorite! These pickles will bring tears to your eyes and make you say “Wow!” These have a loyal following. Go ahead…I dare ya! Order “Extra Hot”, I double dare ya!


Horseradish and Garlic Olives:  Made with pimento-filled green “Queen” olives in our signature horseradish and garlic brine. These are olives with an attitude!

Horseradish Cheese Spreads: Very popular item. Flavors include: Horseradish Cheddar, Horseradish and Garlic, Horseradish and Pepper, Mustard Cheddar Ale, Pub Cheddar (with bacon), Horseradish and Bacon, Cheddar Blue and Buffalo Blue.

Horseradish Cheddar: A simple blend of sharp white cheddar cheese with Whalen’s Premium Horseradish. A winning combination.

Horseradish and Garlic: One of our most popular cheese spreads. A balanced blend of sharp white cheddar cheese, Whalen’s Premium Horseradish, and garlic.

Horseradish and Peppers: Sharp white cheddar cheese with a flavorful blend of cherry peppers and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish.

Mustard Cheddar Ale: A unique flavor combination of sharp orange cheddar, Whalen’s Hot Horseradish Mustard, craft ale, and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish.

Pub Cheddar: Smoked orange cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, craft lager, and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish. Got beer? Need pub cheddar!

Horseradish and Bacon: Smoked white cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish. A bacon-lovers delight.

Cheddar Blue: A sharp white cheddar and aged blue cheese blend with Whalen’s Premium Horseradish. Blue cheese fans, this one is for you.

Buffalo Blue: Aged blue cheese, sharp white cheddar, XX-Hot Wing Sauce, and Whalen’s Premium Horseradish. A flavorful blend that brings the heat!

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